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Imagine a ‘Digital Table’ where you can fluidly present any combination of content: pictures, decks, documents, videos or web sites.

Now imagine doing it on the fly, in one secured, virtual workspace, as if everyone were in the room with you.

  • Stand Out

  • Tell Your Story

  • Make Better Decisions

Deliver engaging content like:

  • Sales pitches & presentations
  • Remote education & training
  • Team brainstorming
  • Design collaboration
  • + much more
Headshot of Michael Gale, Senior Sales Director, DocuWare

“When I’m giving a product demonstration in Reactiv my audience can see the full user experience without me having to switch between windows and open different applications. It’s clear that they are much more engaged. I will absolutely continue using the Reactiv platform when we get back to in-person meetings.”

Michael Gale | Senior Sales Director, DocuWare

Headshot of Thomas Schneck, Hudson Valley Equity

“Reactiv SUITE is the only platform that I have ever seen that makes me feel like I am in the same room, with my virtual team. I can engage, discuss, debate and mark-up content and data effortlessly; my message can be as clear and effective as if I was face-to-face. There is no other product like it in the market.”

Thomas Schneck | Hudson Valley Equity Group


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