The risk is there.
Protect your business.

Expose gaps in your cyber defences before they're exploited. Our experts identify, prioritize and test security flaws and recommend possible improvements to keep your data and infrastructure protected.

Baseline Assessment

Our unique assessment approach details your organization's security posture and provides three different tiers of compliance grading, complete with a remediation plan to harden your systems and increase your resilience against malicious attackers.

  • Security assessment
  • Remediation planning
  • Compliance & best practices
  • Continuity & availability assessment

Vulnerability Scan

Improve cyber security by exposing the weak points in your IT infrastructure. We'll assess all network connected devices such as servers, computers, switches, network devices, applications and more for known vulnerabilities.

  • Security updates
  • Missing patches
  • OS command injections
  • Database security
  • SQL injection
  • Application vulnerability
  • Open network ports
  • And more…

Penetration Test

Receive actionable insight into your security effectiveness. Ensure compliance and confirm the effectiveness of the various security policies, procedures, and technologies you have in place.

  • Malware analysis
  • Reverse engineering
  • Cryptography
  • Exploit development
  • Offensive and defensive security

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