Cyber Breach Regulatory Response

Get the critical information you need to inform a strategic response.

The steps you take after a data breach are critical to both your brand and your balance sheet – work with our IT and legal experts to build a plan that quickly mitigates further damage from:

- Ransomware extortion
- Reputational harm
- Regulatory fines
- Litigation

With our combined expertise in information technology, data management and security, and expansive legal e-discovery solutions, Ricoh's Cyber Security Response Service is a comprehensive post-breach offering that gives you a plan forward.


  • Full data breach visibility and insights
  • Expert collaboration, consultation, and support
  • Canadian data residency
  • Customized workflows for thorough data breach investigation and analysis
  • Mandatory reporting and production support, as and when required


Once a breach has been detected, contained and remediated, Ricoh will meet with you, your insurer, and your external counsel to identify critical data, understand your business and/or legal priorities and plan customized tracking workflows.

Our legal teams will review and identify the information your organization is required to provide for a regulatory response.


Protect your critical information – discover how Ricoh's Cyber Breach Regulatory Response can give you deeper insight, transparency and control in the event of a cyber attack.


Do you want to make every part of your organization more resilient to a cyber attack?

Critical incident response is always a team effort – your organization's legal and IT teams must work together seamlessly to respond quickly and strategically. Ricoh’s information governance and IT teams can support your strategic alignment.

Consider using Cyber Breach Regulatory Response with Ricoh's Cyber Incident Response service to deliver comprehensive protection for your organization.

Neutralize cyber threats with extensive, autonomous solutions managed by cyber security experts who work alongside our legal review team to facilitate a rapid, strategic response. Data transit is limited and tracked, helping to provide a defensible chain of custody, and a streamlined process to deliver a faster, seamless experience with managed costs.

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